All sessions are private 

QHHT® sessions are conducted in strict privacy and are confidential. This session is about you, so no one else may be present in the room. This can be distracting and impact what comes through for you, as you may hold back in the presence of someone else.

I want to reassure you it's a very easy process. We'll begin with you taking me on a journey of your life, from childhood to now including the highs and the lows. I need to know all about you so I can best guide you to self-healing. I'll also ensure that I have a full understanding of your questions. Then, we'll move to the bed and I'll ask you to lie down and close your eyes. It's really easy. You go easily into this relaxed state twice daily, just before you go to sleep at night and just before you wake in the morning. I'll ask you to see some things with your minds eye, whether that's visualising, using your imagination or knowing. However this happens for you. You just need to follow my voice, trust in yourself and answer my questions with the first thing that comes to mind or the first impressions you have. Try to activate all your physical and extrasensory sensors. You just need to trust what comes through for you and try and describe it in as much detail. Afterwards, a lot will have come through for you, so it's important you take as much time as you need over the next few days to process what has surfaced. Although you are fully aware of what you're saying, it can start to fade pretty quickly like a dream. I'll record the session for you to listen too often to receive more healing.

Before the Session

In the days before your session it is important to write down all the questions you want to ask your Higher Self. These questions can pertain to you, a loved one dead or alive, or the universe in general.

Understanding the full depth of your questions can take some time, in order to better help guide you to self healing. Only through understanding of why it has occurred can it be released. So, the pre-work is very important. Sometimes, just speaking out loud in a loving, safe and non-judgemental space can be deeply therapeutic in its own right.

I find just by holding sacred space, you feel safe to recall and clear any buried memories and it allows emotions to surface and clear naturally. Sometimes, you see things from a different perspective than what you remember.

You can also act as a surrogate for your child if they are under 18 years old or a loved one whom is incapable of having their own session due to their mental or physical condition. We always ask their Higher Self for their permission to undertake such healing work.

During the Session

During the QHHT session you will be shown an appropriate experience by your Higher Self. Your Higher Self knows everything there is to know about you, the life you are living now, and all other lives you've ever lived. Your Higher Self will share only information that is appropriate at this time and is of benefit to you. It is caring and protective of you throughout the QHHT session. Your Higher Self is the one in control, I am just the guide.

A feeling of immense power and immense love is experienced when you are in contact with your Higher Self. Your Higher Self has the ability to identify any physical or emotional problems and explain the causes; be it from your current or past life. The Higher Self is then asked if it is appropriate for healing to occur. If appropriate, healing is done instantaneously with no other processes needed. Very often, simply understanding why discomfort is being experienced is sufficient for it to be relieved and removed.

You will be in the hypnotic state for approximately 2 hours. This part will be audio recorded for you. 

After the Session

Immediately after exiting the hypnotic state, you will awake feeling refreshed and wonderful all over just as though you've had a nice nap. I'll orientate you back into this time and space. It may only feel like it was 10 mins when in fact it was 2 hours, as we were working from a place outside of time. 

This is a good time to have a snack you brought with you and have a glass of water to ground you while we have a short discussion before you go home to process what came through for you as you begin to put the pieces into place. 

This state continues for the next 2-3 days. So, if you have any further questions ask your Higher Self just before bed to show you in dreams. Keep a journal beside your bed. It is normal to feel tired as your body and mind continue to process, release and heal. Make sure you continue to drink plenty of water.

I'll send you a link to download your audio recording. Please listen to the whole recording privately and frequently to receive further answers and healing.

"You can't solve a problem from the same level of thinking that created the problem" Albert Einstein.