All sessions are private

During QHHT® sessions, privacy and confidentiality are paramount. Your session is a deeply personal experience, and to ensure your comfort and openness, no one else is permitted in the room. This exclusive environment allows you to freely explore your innermost thoughts and emotions without any external distractions.

Rest assured, the process itself is straightforward and gentle. We'll begin by delving into the tapestry of your life, from your earliest memories to the present, encompassing both the triumphs and challenges you've encountered along the way. This comprehensive understanding of your life story enables me to tailor the session to your unique needs and guide you towards self-healing.

Once we've established a clear framework, we'll transition to a comfortable setting where you'll recline and close your eyes. This state of relaxation is familiar to you, as you naturally enter it twice daily during moments of sleep and awakening. From there, I'll gently prompt you to visualize, imagine, or simply sense certain experiences, encouraging you to engage all your senses, both physical and intuitive.

As you navigate this inner landscape, trust in yourself and your instincts, allowing the first impressions and sensations to guide your responses. The insights and revelations that emerge during the session may feel vivid and immediate, yet they can fade like a dream upon waking. To ensure you fully absorb and integrate this newfound understanding, I'll provide a recording of the session for you to revisit and reflect upon at your own pace.

In the days following the session, take as much time as you need to process and contemplate the insights that have surfaced. Your journey towards healing is a deeply personal one, and by embracing the guidance and wisdom that arises within you, you empower yourself to embrace profound transformation and growth.

Before the Session

Preparing for your QHHT session involves thoughtful reflection and introspection in the days leading up to your appointment. Compile a list of questions you wish to address with your Higher Self, covering personal concerns and inquiries about the universe. Articulating your questions allows for a deeper understanding of underlying issues and facilitates healing.

Create a sacred space for pre-session reflection, fostering safety and receptivity. Engage in this process to gain new perspectives and insights into past events or challenges. Additionally, if seeking healing for a loved one unable to participate directly, you can serve as a surrogate. Recognizing the interconnectedness of consciousness and drawing on principles from psychoneuroimmunology, seek permission from their Higher Self to ensure the process respects their autonomy and aligns with their highest good.

Approach your session with clarity, intention, and openness, laying the foundation for transformative healing and self-discovery.

During the Session

During the QHHT session, your Higher Self will guide you through an appropriate experience, drawing upon its profound knowledge of your current life and all past lives. It selectively shares information that is relevant and beneficial to you at this time, acting as a caring and protective force throughout the session. While I serve as your guide, your Higher Self is the one in control.

Encountering your Higher Self elicits feelings of immense power and love, as it possesses the ability to identify and explain the root causes of any physical or emotional issues, whether stemming from your present or past lives. Upon determining the appropriateness of healing, it can facilitate instantaneous healing without the need for additional processes. Often, mere understanding of the underlying discomfort is enough for it to be relieved and resolved.

The hypnotic state typically lasts for approximately 2 hours, during which the session will be audio recorded for your reference and reflection.

After the Session

Upon emerging from the hypnotic state, you'll awaken feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, as if you've just had a pleasant nap. Despite the session lasting approximately 2 hours, it may feel like mere minutes, as we operate beyond the constraints of linear time.

Afterwards, we'll take a moment to ground ourselves with a snack and a glass of water while we engage in a brief discussion to help integrate the experience. This period of integration extends over the next 2-3 days, during which you may feel a sense of tiredness as your body and mind continue to process, release, and heal.

To further explore any lingering questions or insights, I encourage you to ask your Higher Self before bed to reveal answers in your dreams. Keeping a journal by your bedside allows you to capture these insights upon awakening. Remember to stay hydrated during this period of integration by drinking plenty of water.

Lastly, I'll provide you with a link to download your audio recording. Listening to the recording privately and regularly will deepen your understanding and facilitate ongoing healing and integration.

"You can't solve a problem from the same level of thinking that created the problem" Albert Einstein.