About Me

Kia Ora! I'm Vanessa, and my home base is in Abbey Caves. Alongside my husband, we own and operate a cat boarding facility Deloraine Cattery and offer guests luxury accommodation in our 3 bedroom cottage the Deloraine Cottage. This endeavor has provided us with financial independence, allowing me to pursue my calling of QHHT. I have made a dedication to offer this to all who find me, every Wednesday from 10.30am.

Since 2019, I've been guiding family members towards healing and self-discovery. Now, I dedicate my Wednesdays, starting at 10.30 am, to offering QHHT sessions, aiming to facilitate connections with the Higher Self and Source Creator. I believe in letting go of what no longer serves us and embracing joy and adventure. 

I feel truly blessed to partake in May's 2023 weekend retreat hosted by the only NZ level 3, QHHT practitioner Deb Taylor on her stunning 40 ha oasis in Puhoi alongside fellow QHHT practitioners from around New Zealand. It was a wonderful opportunity to learn and share in each other's experience to best guide you on your magical journey of self-healing. This experience has enriched my ability to guide you on your healing journey.

The disparity between level 2 and level 3 in QHHT certification lies in the practical experience acquired. Achieving level 3 status typically necessitates conducting around 150 sessions annually, equivalent to approximately 3-4 sessions per week. Due to my current commitments, I can only commit to one session per week, which accounts for the sole distinction in my level of certification.

Level 1 Intern

I undertook my training in 2019 and completed it by the end of the year. I had all the theory but no practice. So, I practiced on friends and family. 

Level 1

In order to attain level one, I had to submit at least 25 successful sessions to become qualified. I attained in 2020.

Level 2

The last few years have been difficult to conduct face to face sessions, which saw me achieve this after many, many sessions in 2023.

"Everyone who seeks finds. And to everyone who knocks, the door will be opened." Jesus (Luke 11:9-10)

Testimonial for Lance

"I had a Quantum Healing Hypnosis session with Vanessa Wilson and it was pretty amazing! I went into the session pretty open minded and didn’t fixate into what the session could look like prior to the session.

Vanessa was super informative leading up to the session with the preparing side of things which in hindsight is pretty important to get answers from the questions that you may have.

The whole experience was absolutely fascinating as I truly did not expect many of the things that came up, even though they were my own thoughts. I found that Vanessa was super awesome guiding me through the session, she was persistent in some questions when she needed to be to get the breakthroughs.

I know one of the answers I provided wasn’t for me to understand as it was asked regarding my wife. Interestingly my wife understood the answer immediately upon listening to what I had said, I still find that bit fascinating.

Looking back on what I learnt from myself under Vanessa Wilson’s guidance is pretty cool. I'd say its given me a different insight into how I live life in the sense of what I truly value and also what I’m wanting. Like I say to people that are interested, I’d recommend Vanessa Wilson and the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. What’s there to lose really?"

Testimonial from Scott

"I was diagnosed with an autoimmune and inflammatory disease at 23 and have struggled with chronic pain that has deeply affected my life. I get a lot of medical support and have tried many medical treatments that have been made available to me. Treatments ranged from physiotherapy and pharmaceutical medication. All had its place and had differing levels of success. The medications were strong and have now caused other medical conditions.
Personally, when it came to the pain, I tried to limit the situations that would aggravate and cause inflammation, I’ve been in situations where the inflammation was debilitating but found ways to hide the pain from others.
Physically and mentally, I knew this wasn’t healthy and I finally asked for help.
Vanessa guided me to face my pain directly, helping me to connect with a higher internal power that has always been within myself and gain a sense of control, peace, and inner strength.
She has provided me the tools to address my fears and worries ongoing, and empowered me to start instructing my own mind to re code my own body.
The sessions with Vanessa were intense, but the output was mentally, physically and biologically impacting (my bloodwork results are starting to show positive changes to my blood cell count).
I continue my mindfulness journey and have noticed that my physical pain is more isolated, where previously it was general inflammation. With the isolation, I now have the ability to focus exactly on where the problem is. While I still have some pain, it no longer controls me or defines my life. I have found a new sense of purpose and meaning, and I am grateful for the spiritual guidance that has led me to a path of healing and hope."

Testimonial from Marcelle

I booked a QHHT with Vanessa in 2023 to help me work through some areas of emotional stagnation in my life. She is someone that I have known for a couple of years now and come to love her as my friend, so sharing my personal journey with her was in some way vulnerable, but would honestly not want to do a session like this with anyone but her. She is kind, with an incredible depth and warmth for others. Her EQ is otherworldly, and when you are near her she exudes the most positive vibration. She guided me through the session which was very comfortable and flowed easily. 10 years ago I had a hip operation that required painkillers every day, and after the session the pain had disappeared. It has been months and months now with no pain returning, and of course working through the regression has highlighted the connection with emotional trauma and physical manifestation, for which I am now so grateful to be free of. If you have any apprehension to share a session with Vanessa – please give it a go, it’s something you will not regret.