Guided Healing
A QHHT guided journey to self-healing

Kia Ora and Welcome

Welcome to Guided Healing (Whakaora Arahina) where I lovingly offer this new modality of self-healing that works on a Quantum level called QHHT or Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique through past life regression therapy.

My name is Vanessa Wilson, and I was born and raised in Whangarei, New Zealand. I am of Tuhoe and Ngapuhi descent.

My personal seeking to heal myself and heal my whanau has led me to discover QHHT, and so begins my journey of awakening to all that is. It is now my privilege to help you connect with your true self, stand in your power and let go of what doesn't serve you. Bringing the hinengaro (mind), tinana (body) and spirit (wairua) back into balance and harmony with the unity of creation and grounding yourself on papatuanuku (mother earth).

I am thrilled you're here and interested in finding out more about QHHT and how you can embrace your mauri (life force) to bring about a sense of peace, joy and enthusiasm for life and living in these difficult times of human unrest and transition. We are all being called on to raise our vibration and bring in Christ Conciousness to heal ourselves, others and papatuanuku.

I am truly honoured to be your arahina (guide) on this wonderful journey to connect with the all-loving, all-knowing part of you that is connected to source and has all the answers. 

All Answers and Healing lie within

You are one step closer to what could be the most profound and transformational experience of your life. Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) is an amazing journey of your consciousness and truly is a way of finding that all answers and healing lie within. 

People come for a QHHT session for many reasons. Some come out of curiosity, some have questions about their life purpose, family, work, or health issues. Some come with life threatening diseases, pain, discomfort, depression or addictions. Whereas, others may come with questions about our universe, God or Source and their connection to it.

Overall, they come with a desire to make their life better. Many times they may feel an inner knowing that they are meant to be doing “something” different with their life but need clarity on what that something is. 

Mental and physical ailments can be rooted in trauma from past lives that are connected to lessons being learned in a person’s present life. Through QHHT, the Subconscious has the ability to identify problems, explain the source, and improve outcomes. 

Scientific evidence now exists proving that thought has a direct measurable effect on physical matter. Thought can be conscious or subconscious.

QHHT sessions takes approximately 6 hours and only one session is ever needed. It begins with a korero to understand and set the intention, followed by a 2-hour hypnosis session. We finish with a korero on what came through while we eat our kai (food) that helps to ground us.

“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.”   Rumi