Guided Healing
A QHHT guided journey to self-healing

Welcome to Guided Healing

Kia Ora, I'm Vanessa Wilson, a Level 2 QHHT practitioner located in Whangarei, New Zealand. With heartfelt dedication, I offer Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT), a transformative modality developed by Dolores Cannon.

I hold a profound belief in the interconnectedness of all things, where limitless possibilities abound. It's my passion to convey this truth to you—that you are the embodiment of the Divine, experiencing life in human form to evolve and expand.

Amidst life's clamor, we constantly receive guidance and messages through recurring patterns, dreams, and the subtle language of our bodies. Yet, amidst the noise, tuning in can be challenging.

Allow me to assist you in reaching a tranquil state where you can delve inward, gaining clarity to release what no longer serves you and to manifest the joyful life you deserve. Remember, the power of healing resides within you, awaiting your acknowledgment.

All Answers and Healing lie within

You're on the brink of what could be the most profound and transformational experience of your life.

People embark on QHHT sessions for a myriad of reasons. Some are driven by curiosity, while others seek answers regarding their life purpose, family dynamics, work, or health concerns. There are those grappling with life-threatening illnesses, chronic pain, emotional distress, or addictive behaviors. And then, there are those seeking deeper understanding of the universe, God, or their connection to the divine.

Ultimately, each person arrives with a shared desire: to enrich their life. Many sense an inner calling nudging them towards a different path but seek clarity on its direction.

It's fascinating to consider that mental and physical ailments may trace back to traumas from past lives, entwined with the lessons of our present existence. Through QHHT, the Subconscious unveils these roots, offering insights and opportunities for healing.

Modern science underscores what ancient wisdom has long intimated: our thoughts possess tangible power over physical reality. Whether conscious or subconscious, our thoughts shape our experiences and influence our well-being.

“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.”   Rumi